South Green

Congress St
Hartford, CT 06106
Price Range: $25,000 – $138,000
Square Footage: 681 – 5,425 sqft
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South Green Area Map South Green is just south of downtown and offers a blend of housing alternatives, including single family homes, condomiumsm multifamily homes, and apartment buildings.

South Green is also just west of Sheldon-Charter Oak and was also instrumental in the development of Hartford.

  • Henry Barnard, considered the founding father of the American public school system lived directly across the "south green". The "green" was redesigned in 1860 and enclosed with a wrought iron fence. In 1898, the green was renamed Barnard Park in honor of Henry Barnard. Mr. Barnard's home still overlooks the park today.
  • St. Peter's Church, established in 1859, is the oldest Catholic Church in Hartford today. It was constructed in the Gothic style with brownstone from Portland CT. In the window over the main entry is a "Star of David" which is said to represent the friendship between Father Kelly, the pastor in 1868 when the Church was completed, and the rabbi for the Charter Oak Synagogue, around the corner.
  • The Ellery Hills House is located next to St. Peter's Church and was constructed in the Greek Revival style. It is an example of the opulent homes that once lined Main Street in the mid to late 1800's.
  • The Day-Taylor House was built in 1857 in the Italianate style for Albert F. Day, a dry goods business owner , at 81 Wethersfield Avenue, directly across the street from Samuel Colt's estate, Armsmear. From 1879 to 1893, Mary J. Munsill (heiress of Borden Milk) owned the home. In 1893, Edwin Pemberton Taylor, President of the Taylor Lumber Company, purchased the home. 
  • Congress Street is one block long but is home to many Italianate and Greek Revivial style residences of past Hartford notables from the 2nd half of the 19th century. Lined with trees and cobblestone sidewalks,  many of these historic homes comprise the Congress Street Condominiums.
    • 33 Congress Street was the home of Amos Whitney, partner of Pratt & Whitney
    • 37-39 Congress Street was the home of Francis Pratt, partner of Pratt & Whitney
    • 71 Congress Street was the home of James Shultas, President of Hartford County Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • 2 Congress Street, at the corner of Congress and Wyllys Streets, was home to Stephen Martson of C. T Martson & Company Lumber, and then Dr. James Campbell Jr., President of the Board of Health. Today, this property is used as professional office space.


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